"It is man's sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man."   (Nietzche)

The ultimate goal is harmony between horse and rider  while developing the optimal athleticism.   There is no feeling more satisfying than the harmony achieved between horse and rider, and no picture more powerful or beautiful than that of a treasured friendship achieved. 

Lessons are adapted to each individual based on experience and ability, in order to minimize tension in the horse and ensure optimal success.  This is very important as tension in the horse inhibits its ability to focus and learn.  To this end tension must be minimized and eliminated in order to promote a free forward acceptance to the rider's aids. 

Marie's approach is always "calm, straight and forward" (approach handed down from her coach Major Robert Borg, U.S. Olympic Silver medalist), in order to determine each individual horse and rider's needs for logical progression.  Lessons are designed in an organized fashion with simplified exercises based on the skill level and experience of the rider, in order to secure a clear understanding of fundamental to advanced exercises. 

Lesson horses are available including FEI school masters.   

It is important that riders learn empathy for their equine partners, that they learn to listen to them and communicate appreciation and acceptance when they are obedient, as well as how and when to correct them when their response is undesirable.  Horses are developed Bio-mechanically according to the skill level of their rider in much the same way as a physical trainer teaches a human athlete, but with minimal words. 

Since the horse primarily learns through physical aids, the rider must become physically  "listener-savvy."  By becoming physically listener-savvy, the rider becomes sensitive though the seat and rein aids allowing himself to become keen to the physical messages the horse is constantly giving his rider.  A riders ability to become listener-savvy in this way  is a crucial part of his education in order to achieve the advanced development of the horse.     

"I love to teach the horse and rider team, sharing my experience and knowledge. Seeing the talent and relationship bloom between horses and their riders is really exciting.  This is my passion." 

Unlike many riders and trainers, Marie starts all of her own horses and is the sole trainer through Grand Prix.  She has successfully trained seven plus horses through the FEI levels, four through Grand Prix.  She has earned her USDF Gold Medal in addition to many other local and national titles.  Marie really takes her work to heart and genuinely cares about both horse and human. 


It is her philosophy that the athletic  development of the horse should promote long-term mental and physical soundness.  She achieves this through the correct use of dressage and states that it should always increase long-term soundness of the horse and rider, and be utilized as a natural methodical development of harmony between two musculoskeletal beings. 

Marie teaches classical equitation through self awareness and discipline, in order to achieve correct use of rider aids which develops a willing partner in the horse.  Exercises that promote strength, balance and stamina are used to help articulate the skill of the horse and rider combination.  The horse and rider's education are further refined through various suppling exercises and transitions of gaits and with in the gates, building a strong foundation for horse and rider to move up the training scale. 

Marie's specializes in teaching the horse and rider combination to achieve optimal connection and communication through physical and mental discipline.   Her goal is to help owners and riders develop the optimal athleticism and partnership with their horses in order to achieve their goals and have fun!

Amazing horses don't just happen, they are identified, nurtured, protected and developed to bring them to their potential.